27 February 2012

Czech & Slovak Bar/Gambrinus Excelent

On Saturday I went to the Czech & Slovak Bar in West Hampstead for a friend's birthday.

It's a pub which was set up in WWII for refugees from Czechoslovakia.

The decor is a bit strange: from the outside it looks like a suburban house, but inside it is like a hotel and various memorabilia from the old Czechoslovakia as well as both the Czech Rep. and Slovakia.

One of these was a poster of the ice hockey player Jaromír Jágr, who had an appalling late-80s/early-90s-style curly/permed mullet.

We ordered food: I had their beef goulash; Tola had a chicken schnitzel. I was a bit disappointed - while the goulash was perfectly edible, it was a bit bland and it came with what appeared to be uncooked baguette slices, which the menu described as "dumplings".

Naturally, I also had some Czech lager: I had a Budvar (aka proper, not US Budweiser) and also a bottle of this:

Gambrinus Excelent.

As to be expected, it is a Czech pilsner, and so is very nice to drink and goes down well. There's nothing - as far as I could tell - to particularly distinguish it from any other pilsner, but given that pilsners are generally decent drinks, that's not a bad thing.


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